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Spark plugs - Platinum?

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Spark plugs - Platinum? Empty Spark plugs - Platinum?

Post by Toad on Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:21 pm


I just bought a new set of spark plugs for the VR, looked at various options and decided on the recommended BKR5EKUP ones, which have platinum tips, now I could have bought the normal ones, or the iridium versions, but I wasn't entirely sure, and as I won't be changing them for some time, I thought I'd spend the extra £20.

But are platinum tips worth it? Why do they make a difference? Is it worthwhile looking at platinum tips on other spark plugs?

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Spark plugs - Platinum? Empty Re: Spark plugs - Platinum?

Post by kevhaywire on Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:14 am

There's all sorts of smoke and mirrors with spark plugs and spark related products but as far as OEs are concerned, they focus mainly on consistent sparking and long life. Cat converters have forced OEs to come up with good quality ignition parts and I always stick to what the OEs do in preference to the aftermarket, where possible.

Platinum and Iridium are very hard metals and therefore last a longer, and that's the main benefit. Ignore claims of massively improved spark strength as it's utter b0llocks.

Another option is the Audi TT plug which Pat McCrotch can get for £6 each. The service interval on those is 40K. I use those in my engine and they're good plugs.


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